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My Haflinger Project

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These hardy, good-natured horses originated in Austria as the result of a pairing between native pony mares and an Arabian stallion.  From these beginnings, the
Haflinger evolved into the versatile, golden horse we have today.
My family and I have raised Haflinger horses on and off since I was a toddler.  When we moved to from Austria to Canada in 1986, we had no idea that it would take us 10 years to start over!  However, we now have a stallion and several mares.

I am hoping to have my own farm in a couple of years, and I will use Alert's daughter and one of the other girls as my foundation mares.  I can't wait!  In the meantime, I help out however I can with my family's farm.

What's New?
We have a new baby!  Livia just gave birth to a beautiful healthy filly on June 3/07.  I will post pictures soon :)

Two mares are in foal to Alert for 2007 foals!


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